Monday, 30 April 2012

Opa: attractive web development in cloud age

Opa combines in a single model server and client programming. It can take care of persistence of let you choose MongoDB. Following the node.js influence the latest version can use a javascript like syntax.
Let's see how it looks like:

With easy you use the # marker for HTML IDs, e.g. #vala, used here for input box. Reading the value using

is easy like writing it back to another HTML element identified by ID

Give it a try:
$ opa easycalc.opa
$ ./easycalc

Then point Chrome (or your favourite browser) to http://localhost:8080/. Opa compiler will take care of everything!

Have fun!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

.NET in the Cloud

I know that cloud computing is just another marketing term, but everyone use it so I'll do. Anyway I think that could be more interesting dive in the meaning of this concept. You can read what St. Wikipedia says about it (pointing Chrome at or we can summarize and simplify it saying that ICT is moving forward (or returning) to a server-side computational model, rethought with advanced concept like PaaS / SaaS. This two concepts push cloud computing in a brand new position that simply moving program execution to the server side.

If you like me writes a lot of code in .NET and certainly loves what C# compiler can do :D, you maybe interested in AppHarbor. This interesting technology is implemented with PaaS philosophy and bring seriously your .NET code to the cloud. In my personal opinion is significantly higher than Windows Azure.

Are you interested? Wants to know more? I found very useful these videos:
  • AppHarbor, background workers, RavenDB and NuGet | watch.
  • From zero to hero with AppHarbor | watch.
  • AppHarbor ASP.NET MVC3 SQL Server Tutorial | watch.
Good coding for cloud computing!